You Are The One

You are the one that guides me

When I'm lost in the darkness of night

When I'm adrift on a sea of doubt

You are my guiding light

You are the one who hears my voice

When my words are held within

You are the one that calms me

When my world is crashing in

You are the one I talk to

When no one can understand

You are the one that walks with me

You hold my trembling hand

You are the one who sees me

For what I hope to be

You are the one that lifts me up

To more than I can be

Ron Orcutt ©

After The Rain

Whatever your cross, whatever your pain,

There will always be sunshine after the rain

Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps even fall,

But God's always ready to answer your call

He knows every heartache, sees every tear,

A word from His lips can calm every fear

Your sorrows may linger throughout the night,

But suddenly vanish at dawn's early light

The Savior is waiting somewhere above,

To give you His grace and send you His love

Whatever your cross, whatever your pain,

God always sends rainbows after the rain

by Anonymous

A God Of Hope

I just want to say thank you

For this life you've given me,

For all the wondrous blessings,

For setting my spirit free

You are such an awesome God

Who only gives the best,

Giving us a life of hope

When we face all kinds of tests

For often we face in life,

Struggles of every kind,

Little things can get us down

And peace is far from our minds

But you give hope to carry on

No matter what we face,

When we feel like giving up,

Unable to finish the race

You step in just in time

With angels heaven sent,

To encourage us to carry on

And to give us extra strength

So I praise you, Lord, for whom you are

And for all that I can be,

For I'd never have a better life

Apart from your life in me.

M.S.Lowndes ©

A Cheerful Heart

To make our lives more meaningful,

it takes a cheerful heart...

and loving life and living it

each day as a brand new start.

It takes a positive attitude

when trials come our way...

and having the strength to carry on

and taking the time to pray.

Life is what we make it,

for the time that we are here...

so start each day with a cheerful heart

and see miracles appear.

Jill Lemming ©

Be You, For Me

Be free to be who I’ve called you to be.

Don’t try to be someone you think you should be.

As pansies each have a beauty all their own,

Your life has a magnificence of its own.

You look at your failures and think,

Your life does not matter, or so you think!

I look beyond your imperfections and see,

You, shining My glory for others to see.

So, bloom just how you have been created by Me.

Being who I made you to be pleases Me.

“For we are God’s masterpiece.” Eph. 2:10

Sue Nash ©

Heavenly Raindrops

Every morning

When I awake

I find You there

Your presence is comforting,

And I breathe in Your love.

As I start my day

And rush off

To who knows where,

I hear You whisper

Your constancy is reassuring,

And I rely on Your help.

When the evening winds down

And I’ve nothing left to give

I know You care

Your goodness is pleasing,

And I partake of Your rest.

Every day, all day long, I know God is there.

Sue Nash © 2014

The Lord’s Love and Protection

The Lord’s love and protection

Are never so far,

That he cannot reach us

Wherever we are.

His arm outstretched

Like an eagle’s wing,

Ever hovering with the love

And care he brings.

Enlightened by his strength

And comforting power,

We may rest and be assured

Every day, every hour.

Author Unknown

The Words to Say I Love You

I was there, yet you did not see Me

the times you did cry

I wrapped you in My loving arms

and wiped the tears from your eyes.

Every prayer – I heard, and answered

every cry for help – I came

I cast down all your enemies

and brought them all to shame.

You are My beloved child

whom I have set free

I removed your chains of darkness

because you believed in Me.

I am in you and you in Me

None can take us apart

Where are the words to express my love?

They are written on your heart.


ennifer Kulp©

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